what is Pride? 



Pride has its roots in protest – a protest against oppression and discrimination at the Stonewall Inn, New York City in 1969. A bar used by some of the most marginalised LGBT people in the city - drag queens, homeless youth, sex workers, queer people of colour and the trans community - was raided on 28th June

1969 in Manhattan. The community had endured countless acts of intimidation over decades and that night fought back against the Police and city officials. It was violent and bloody.

The fight back was repeated the next evening and again that same week.
soon the community had organised themselves to create new safe spaces where they didn’t need to fear being arrested. Organisations started to appear in other cities. A movement had begun.

One year later, the Stonewall Riots were commemorated with Pride events in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

London soon held its first Pride event in 1972 and by the mid 70s there were Pride events happening across the world: Helsinki in 1975, Turin in 1978, Mexico City, Berlin and Cologne in 1979.

Scotland would take some time to catch up, another 23 years in fact! On 17th June 1995, Pride Scotland, organised by members of Edinburgh University’s LGBT Society, set off with a march from Barony Street to The Meadows.

Pride had finally come to Scotland.


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partner with us.


In 2018, Dundee Pride was supported by various businesses.  Support ranged from hosting monthly planning meetings; cash sponsorship; and providing a workforce to volunteer on the day.  We are once again looking to work with businesses as we plan an even bigger Dundee Pride event for 2019.  We would love to hear from businesses and cultural organisations who might be interested in developing a relationship with us.  This could involve: 

  • Staging an LGBTQ focused event in your theatre, bar or event space,

  • Programming some LGBTQ films in your cinema,

  • LGBTQ focused exhibits in your gallery space,  

  • a pre or after event party in your bar, 

  • host one of the many LGBTQ creatives in the city at your venue to do a talk about their work,

  • Host a Pride inspired brunch menu in your cafe or restaurant,

  • Create a Pride cocktail for your bar,

  • Sponsor the Dundee Pride 2019 event itself, 

  • Help us with some marketing support to get the word out about the city-wide Dundee Pride 2019 programme, 

  • Encourage your staff to volunteer with Dundee Pride,

  • Become a trader and hire a stall at the Dundee Pride 2019 event. 

  • or indeed anything else you would like to do.  

We are looking to establish a Partnerships and Programming Network in 2019 to explore how to connect with businesses and cultural partners and we invite you to join us. If you are interested in working with us, please email us using the button below.

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