volunteer with dundee pride throughout the year. 


In 2018, Dundee held it’s first ever Pride Event organised by a newly established charity called Dundee Pride SCIO. It was a big success and we are now organising the second event for 2019.  We are looking to expand our team of volunteers and have laid out below four ways that people can get involved depending on their skillset or time availability. 

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Our four volunteer routes…….

Route 1.


Route 1: Board of Trustees

High responsibility and time commitment

The charity is governed by a Board of Trustees who are appointed following a written application and interview process.  Trustees should bring a particular skillset as a trustee to ensure sound governance of the organisation.  All Trustees are expected to follow Dundee Pride SCIO’s Code of Conduct which incorporates the Nolan Principles of public life.

Documents to download:

Click here to download role description for Trustees

Click here to download the Organisational Structure of Dundee Pride to help understand reporting and line management.


Route 2.



Route 2: Workstream Leads

Medium responsibility and time commitment

The Board of Trustees manage operations of the charity through a team of 4 workstreams charged with 4 key areas of work for the charity:


  • Marketing & Social - - Click here to download role description

  • Event Management - Click here to download role description

  • Community Engagement

  • Fundraising & Development


Each workstream has a Workstream Lead who manages the group.  There is an expectation that the Workstream Lead has either a qualification or significant and demonstrable experience of that particular field. Workstream Leads follow a job Specification and report directly to the Board of Trustees.  All final decision-making lies with the Board of Trustees. 

We are now actively looking for volunteers to engage with us based on the four routes above.

Documents to download:

In addition to role descriptions available above, please click here to download the Organisational Structure of Dundee Pride to help understand reporting and line management.


Route 3.



Route 3: Workstream Volunteers

Low responsibility and time commitment


Volunteering for the workstreams as described in route 2.  Working with and supporting Workstream Leads to help us organise Dundee Pride events across the 4 key areas described above.


Route 4.



Route 4: LGBT+ Community Team

No responsibility and little time commitment

We invite all members of the LGBT+ community to be part of our LGBT+ Community Team which meets once a month at an event called Pride Blethers.  These events give the community an opportunity to contribute to the development of Dundee Pride.  Team members can also volunteer to help out with the workstreams. 




To apply for a Trusteeship (Route 1) or a Workstream Lead (Route 2) position:

Please email Dundee Pride’s Co-Chairs Tommy Small or Tim Kelly with the following information: 


  1. CV – detailing relevant experience in the areas described in the person specification above, experience at board level and volunteering experience.


  1. A written statement describing:

    1. How your skills and experience meet the criteria above,

    2. How you would contribute to the growth of Dundee Pride.


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview with a selection panel from Dundee Pride’s Board of Trustees. 



To volunteer for routes 3 or 4 only, please complete the form below:

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